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Did you know that when you make a donation online, typically around 9% of the amount you donate will be deducted in the form of various fees by the website and their payment processor partners?

If you feel that is as unsatisfactory as we do, you’ll be pleased to know that there is an alternative. LetzChange is the only online giving website that does not deduct a single rupee from your donation, ensuring 100% of what you donate goes where it should – to the NGO.

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Celebrate Independence Day with ClickToCare!


As India celebrates its 68th Independence Day on Friday, we remain mindful that for millions of people across the country, independence is a dream yet to be realised. In particular, many of our country’s women and girls remain marginalised, discriminated against and dependent for life – a process that starts in childhood where education in poorer families is seen as a luxury that can only be afforded for boys, if at all.

Beyond the obvious and most important issue of equality, there are of course many, many reasons why education for girls is vitally important – for individuals, families and for society as a whole. Not only is education a human right, but research shows that when a girl stays in school her risk of child marriage decreases and her risk of dying during pregnancy or childbirth is significantly reduced as well (more benefits on this great infographic).

What’s more, women and girls spend 90% of their earned income on their family (versus 30-40% for men), and educating girls is also fundamental to a nation’s economic prosperity and development as well: when 10% more girls stay in school a country’s GDP increases by an average of 3%, while eliminating barriers to employment for women (education being perhaps the best way to do this) can result in a 25% increase in labour productivity (another great infographic!).

For all these reasons and more, this Independence Day, LetzChange launches a new campaign in partnership with Deepalaya with the aim of helping underprivileged girls from slum communities achieve independence through education.

From the 13-15 August, we’re cashing in your Facebook likes and shares and your Twitter retweets and mentions for donations towards Deepalaya’s project “Help to empower and educate a poor slum-girl.” All you have to do is #ClickToCare by liking, sharing and re-tweeting LetzChange Independence Day posts on social media, and we will donate to Deepalaya on your behalf – Simple Social Giving!

Click through to Facebook and Twitter now and let’s help bring independence to as many underprivileged girls as possible!

*Full instructions and terms & conditions can be found here.

NGO of the Week – Paripurnata Half-Way Home

For the first in our new series NGO of the Week we are happy to present to you Kolkata’s Paripurnata Half-Way Home.

Officially, India is home to more than 2.2 million mentally challenged people, although this figure is likely to be a vastly underestimated figure. Typically thought of as incurable and therefore hopeless, mentally ill people are often left in hospitals or abandoned by their families.

Paripurnata Half-Way Home provides quality care and rehabilitation facilities to mentally ill women, with a focus on creating a homely environment in which free treatments can be most effectively provided, including pharmacotherapy and psychological counselling.

Paripurnata also addresses the important aspect of keeping their residents creatively occupied by running sewing, weaving, cooking and bandhani classes, amongst many other activities – therapeutic activities in their own right, but activities that also contributing to skills and knowledge development that will better enable the women to re-integrate with life outside of Paripurnata and lead more self-sufficient and independent lives.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video above that will take you on a guided tour of Paripurnata Half-Way Home and provide an insight into the fantastic work they are doing to help women living with mental illness in India.

You can also find out more on Paripurnata’s NGO page and project pages on LetzChange, as well as make a donation to support this NGO and the dozens of women that they care for. Remember, every donation made online at LetzChange will be matched by us, doubling your impact and further helping to improve the lives of underprivileged people and communities in India.

Introducing… NGO of the Week!

LetzChange is home to over 70 Indian NGOs and is committed to helping these incredible organisations reach new donors as they strive to bring lasting change to underprivileged people and communities in India.

With so much great work being done we thought it would be a good idea to take a more focused look at some of these NGOs, to do each one justice by providing them some proper airtime on letzchange.org and the LetzChange Facebook page!

We therefore introduce to you NGO of the Week! Not only do we hope to inspire you with their achievements but we also hope you will feel moved to support the NGO in whatever way you can, either by making an online donation on LetzChange or by liking and sharing on social media to introduce your friends to LetzChange and the joy of Simple Social Giving too!

Stay tuned for more NGO of the Week posts and in the meantime why not check out our first NGO, Paripurnata Half-Way Home, on the LetzChange Facebook page here.

A ‘Prerana’ For Everyone!


To accomplish great things one must not only plan, but also believe that one person can make a difference by finding a purpose to serve.

Ms. Priti Patkar, co­founder, Prerana Anti­ Human Trafficking was presented with the prestigious Human Rights Award at the 13th Annual Global Leadership Awards in Washington DC, USA earlier this week on the 17th June.  A fantastic achievement by a great woman, who has selflessly devoted her life to the rescue, protection, and rehabilitation of human trafficking victims in India.

Aphotic, dirty and dangerous are few of the words that best describe human­ trafficking. At a time when young children should study, plan their career and above all else enjoy their childhood, they are forced to enter the world of commercial sex and other exploitative and abusive activities. Often summed up as a ‘compelled service’, human­ trafficking has become a global threat to vulnerable men, women and children. Violence and coercion are used to sexually exploit women and young girls and force individuals to work with little or no pay; this is what Prerana is trying to end. Volunteers at Prerana work with passion and hand grip the task of equitably distributing human rights to all human beings.

Ms. Priti Patkar’s dreamt of a world free of human trafficking and made small efforts to make a great difference. LetzChange have joined hands with Prerana to help them reach their goals, committing to match (double) all donations made for Prerana on letzchange.org.

The LetzChange team congratulates Ms Patkar for the fantastic accolade that she has been conferred with and feels proud to be associated with Prerana.

Please show your support for Ms Patkar, Pratham, and of course the vulnerable children they continue to protect by making a donation on LetzChange.

Click here to find out more or make a donation and change a life today.

Malavath Poorna – Reaching New Heights


Can you remember what your proudest achievement was at age 13?

While we would always argue that personal achievements are relative – for one person conquering social anxiety may be far more demanding than conquering Mount Everest for another – there’s no doubt that 13-year-old Malavath Poorna has achieved something extraordinary.

On 25th May 2014, Malavath scaled the highest peak of Mount Everest, becoming the youngest woman ever to have done so. What’s more, she reached the highest point on earth by climbing the mountain’s more difficult Tibetan side, as opposed to the relatively more easier Nepalese side, which is closed to climbers under the age of 16.

Such an achievement makes a mockery of the discriminatory labelling and classification of human beings into categories based on grounds of gender, class, caste, ethnicity, sexuality and so on. Not only is Malavath female (gasp), she also ‘belongs’ to India’s lowest caste, the Dalits or ‘untouchables’. Malavath therefore belongs to two of the most discriminated-against groups in the country.

The perception that because Malavath is female and from a Dalit community she is somehow less human than others, less capable than others – ‘untouchable’ even – would be laughable if it wasn’t such a serious issue. But hundreds of thousands of people across India from Dalit communities face discrimination and are denied basic human rights like education. Even today, around 37% of people from Dalit communities survive on less than $2 a day and 45% are illiterate.

Much is being made in the media of Malavath’s origins and Malavath herself is rightfully proud of her achievement given the social and economic challenges she has had to overcome to realise it: “The aim of my expedition was to inspire young people and students from my kind of background” she says, in an interview with The BBC. “For a tribal like me, opportunities are very rare and I was looking for one opportunity where I could prove my calibre.”

The challenge for us, then, is to help remove the barriers that prevent people like Malavath from achieving their potential, whatever that potential may be. These barriers are both real and superficial. The real barriers such as the lack of basic requirements including education, nutrition and so on can be overcome if we all take responsibility for doing our bit to support poor and marginalised people and communities.

The superficial barriers like caste and gender, while very real in the restrictive force they impose, can begin to be overcome by recognising achievements like that of Malavath’s as ‘human’ rather than ‘Dalit,’ and of course in removing these superficial barriers we also take an important step towards tackling the ‘real’ barriers as well.

In recognition of Malavath’s extraordinary achievement, why not make a donation to a vetted and verified NGO project on LetzChange and help support marginalised people and communities in India.

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Roof rainwater harvesting in rural Gujarat

Amreli district in Gujarat is a drought prone region in India. The rains are unreliable and water is not easily available. What’s more, the fluoride content in the water of much of this region is 5 parts per million – 5 times the safe level – making it completely undrinkable. Many women must therefore walk for miles each day to collect safe water for their families.

But not all women in Amreli have to struggle to collect water. Vikas Samarthan Kendra, an NGO focused on water resource management and women’s empowerment have introduced roof rain water harvesting structures for over 60 families, collecting and filtering rain water and storing it in an easily accessible tank. You can see how this simple solution has the power to completely transform lives in the inspiring video above.

But many more families still urgently need safe drinking water. It costs less than $60 to construct a roof rain water harvesting structure that will provide safe drinking water year-round. Even a little help from you can do wonders for their mission to bring safe drinking water to the whole region.

Right now on online giving website LetzChange, when you make a donation to sponsor roof rain water harvesting, we will match it – doubling the impact of your donation! Your generosity will make a huge difference to those who cannot take safe drinking water for granted.

To find out more or make a donation please click here.

Celebrating Rs. 1.5 million raised on LetzChange!


We are delighted to announce that in less than 3 months you have helped raise over Rs. 1.5 million on LetzChange for 3 of India’s most respected and high-impact NGOs – Educate Girls, SGBS Trust (Unnati) and Bhumi!

A big thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen. We, the NGOs and especially their beneficiaries are immensely grateful for your support and we look forward to raising many more millions for the underprivileged people of India over the coming months and years.

To celebrate the change you have helped bring about so far, for a limited time only our sister organisation LetzDream Foundation has agreed to extend the Spotlight Giving donation match campaign to ALL NGOs on LetzChange. This is a fantastic opportunity to make an even bigger impact with your donation at no extra cost to you. Simply make a donation to any NGO on LetzChange and it will be instantly matched!

With over 70 Indian NGOs focused on causes as diverse as women’s rights, disability, homelessness, education, and children and youth, LetzChange makes discovering and donating to Indian NGO projects a simple, social and secure experience.

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International Women’s Day – Let’s Open Our Eyes To Change!


Following on from the success of our Spotlight Giving donation match campaign, we are excited to announce a new donation match initiative as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations this March 8th!

With the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day entitled ‘inspiring change,’ we want to open our eyes to the possibility of inspiring change amongst the disadvantaged and discriminated women of India, and we want you to join us.

We believe that opening our eyes to the injustices that continue to make life for women in India so challenging is the first step in beginning to tackle these injustices and bring about lasting change. From the physical and mental health risks associated with human trafficking and child labour, to the social and economic implications of gender-based inequality that affect women and girls throughout the course of their lives, it is time we all opened our eyes to these injustices and worked together to make a change.

LetzChange is home to over 25 NGO projects that specifically aim to help improve life for women in India. Whether you want to help fund the rehabilitation of a human trafficking victim, help single women attain their rights, promote the use of sanitary napkins amongst India’s rural women, or sponsor skills training for Indian women living in slums, you can make a change on LetzChange by making a secure donation directly to your chosen NGO project.

But best of all – every donation you make to help improve the lives of women in India will be matched by our sister organisation, LetzDream Foundation!

This is a great opportunity to support high-impact Indian NGOs making a huge difference to the lives of some of the country’s most disadvantaged women, while at the same time highlighting the issues that they face to your friends and family by using the built in LetzChange social tools. So why not make a donation today and see how we can help change India for the better, together!

To get started, visit the Open to Change campaign page on LetzChange here.

The Bhumi Snowball Effect

Bhumi is one of the largest youth based non-profit organisations in India, with hundreds of volunteers education thousands of disadvantaged children from slums and orphanages across the country.

In this short video you can meet some of the happy children benefiting from Bhumi’s extensive education program, which includes computer literacy, English, and mathematics as well as providing plenty of much needed care, compassion and confidence-building – developmental necessities that have unfortunately been denied many of these children.

As Bhumi Co-Founder Dr. Prahalathan explains, “Bhumi believes that every under-privileged child deserves quality education. We have transformed this conviction into a volunteering opportunity for India’s youth, launching a snowball effect of talent nurturing talent on the path to an educated, poverty-free India.”

Right now on LetzChange as part of our Spotlight Giving donation match campaign, when you make a donation to Bhumi to support the education of a child in need, we will match it – doubling the impact of your donation at no extra cost!

To find out more and make a donation to this fantastic Indian NGO click here.