Light Up A Life This Diwali – Win A Donation For Your Favourite NGO!


This Diwali, spread joy, laughter and light. Do the usual: buy new clothes, exchange gifts, light diyas, make rangolis, and eat lots of sweets! But why not do something a little different too – light up someone else’s life.

To celebrate Diwali, LetzChange has launched ‘Dilwalon ki Diwali’; a campaign raising awareness of the wonderful and high-impact work carried out by our NGO partners and offering you the chance to win one of the three donations to an NGO of your choice!

India Has Some Serious Problems to Solve

When we are busy making preparations for Diwali, we sometimes forget about the people who really make this celebration come to life. The potter who makes beautiful diyas, the farmer who labours in the sugarcane field, or the woman who works in a fireworks factory. What about their children? Do they go to school? And do their ageing parents have access to health facilities?

The facts remain appalling:

  • Over 830,250,000 in India are living on less than $2 a day

  • The highest child mortality rate in the world belongs to India

  • Only 31% of India’s population have access to proper sanitation facilities

Chances are many of these hard-working people are included in the statistics. But, what’s great is that each one of us can share the joy and light of Diwali. What’s even better is LetzChange allows you to do this in a convenient and fun way.

LetzChange Offers Some Solutions

With almost 100 NGOs to choose from, covering almost every Indian state and every conceivable good cause, LetzChange is a treasure trove of inspiring NGO projects just waiting to be discovered! And this Diwali we are inviting you to win one of 3 donations which you can award to the NGO of your choice!

To enter the competition visit the LetzChange Facebook page here and follow the simple instructions.

Start spreading the joy and light of Diwali now!

Celebrating International Day Of The Girl Child


On the 19th of December 2011, the United Nations declared the 11th of October each year to be International Day of the Girl Child. A day dedicated to recognising girls’ rights and the challenges they face every day around the world.

The theme of the 2013 commemoration according to the UN, “Innovating for Girls’ Education”, has been chosen to draw attention to the obligation and moral imperative to fulfil a girls’ right to education. Reports show that although progress has been made to encourage and ensure girls are receiving education, there is still a significant number who are being deprived of this basic right, particularly in India where discrimination against girls and women remains a deeply disturbing reality.

So, we ask the question, ‘Is it more important for a girl to reach her full potential? Or be pushed into an early marriage, stunting her emotional and mental growth?’

Babatunde Osotimehin, M.D, Executive Director, UNFPA, has said: “A girl who is married as a child is one whose potential will not be fulfilled. Since many parents and communities also want the very best for their daughters, we must work together and end child marriage.”

We feel that education is perhaps the best way for these marginalised girls to prosper in their future. Indeed, research shows that girls who stay in education for seven years or more marry 4 years later and have 2 fewer children.


It’s for this reason that you’ll find so many projects on LetzChange dedicated to educating the Girl Child. From giving the gift of education to a disadvantaged girl to sponsoring a tribal girl to enter mainstream education, there are many ways for you to make a stand and get involved to help improve the lives of individuals, families and society as a whole. As the research complied by USAID in this infographic shows, “A woman multiplies the impact of an investment made in her future by extending benefits to the world around her, creating a better life for her family and building a strong community”.

This International Day of the Girl Child, why not take a look through the numerous NGO projects on LetzChange dedicated to educating girls and let’s see if together we can provoke a seismic cultural change towards this serious subject.

Celebrating The Older Generation


On the 14th of December 1990, the United Nations declared the 1st of October each year to be International Day of Older Persons. A day dedicated to those people who are rich in their own history, who can teach us things no one else can, and deserve respect for the contributions they have made to the world we live in today.

The theme of the 2013 commemoration according to the UN, “The future we want: what older persons are saying” has been chosen to draw attention to the efforts of older persons and place the issue of ageing on the international development agenda.

So, we ask the question, ‘What do you want from old age’?

Respect? Friendship? Or simply comfort and affection from your family in your later years?

The statistics from India suggest we can ‘look forward’ to a rather different reality


Over 30% of older people in India experience some form of abuse (HelpAge India, 2012). We must ask ourselves, is this what we want as we progress towards the twilight of our own lives? Should we not strive to be better, and behave towards those who have cared for us in the same way that we would hope to be cared for ourselves?

We feel the answer to that second question is a resounding ‘Yes’, and so do a number of the Indian NGOs that you can find on LetzChange. From supporting an elderly person in distress to helping elderly single women to attain their rights, there are a number of inspiring NGO projects caring for India’s elderly on LetzChange, trying to make old age a period of life defined by safety, security, and purpose rather than abuse, neglect and poverty.

This International Day of Older Persons, why not click through to the LetzChange Facebook page to join in the conversation, or visit to discover and donate to an NGO project caring for India’s elderly.

LetzChange – Simple Social Giving


Welcome to the LetzChange Blog!

In this first post we would like to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about LetzChange and what you can expect to find on the LetzChange blog over the coming weeks and months.

Put simply, LetzChange is the place to discover and donate to legitimate Indian NGO projects. We are a non profit organisation working with around 100 NGOs operating in India across a broad range of causes including education, disability, women and girls, and hunger amongst many others. On the LetzChange blog you can expect to discover more about many of these Indian charities, the inspiring work they do and how, with your help, they can improve the lives of India’s most disadvantaged people.

We’ll also be keeping a close eye on current affairs in India, particularly those affecting the marginalised and disadvantaged people in the country, as well as looking at the many positive stories of change and hope emerging from India as well.

We hope you will enjoy exploring LetzChange. We have created it to be a socially rewarding experience, empowering you to discover and donate to the Indian NGO projects and causes you believe in. You can even use the LetzChange social tools to help introduce your friends to the world of Simple Social Giving too.