LFC ’19: An Unforgettable Journey of Committed Fundraising and Dedicated Efforts

The LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’19 has undoubtedly played accelerator for our 260 partner non-profits by giving a powerful thrust to their fundraising efforts and also helping them in lengthening their chain of supporters. Through contributions by 14, 972 unique supporters, our partner charities raised a cumulative of Rs. 6.25 Crore during the Challenge, and we cannot be happier for their successes. 

Breaking all fundraising records, Team Everest emerged as the winner of the first Mega Reward by raising Rs. 1,76,24,621 through 6751 supporters, walking away with a great reward amount of Rs. 25,00,000. Parivar Education Society and Vidya And Child won the second and third Mega Rewards respectively, through their unceasing efforts and relentless commitment to the cause they work towards. 

While our partner charities have given us some applause-worthy performances in this edition of the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge, their campaigners deserve a fair share of the praise as well. Inqui-lab Foundation’s campaign for Mantra Social Services brought in Rs. 14,66,746 for them.  Mousmi Deshmukh’s campaign for Deesha was not far behind, raising Rs. 14,22,615 for the NGO. Our third top campaigner was Wilma Correa whose efforts added the respectable amount of Rs.12,14,947 for Catalysts for Social Action. 

We also witnessed some ethereal progress for NGOs raising under the Charity Booster Programme 2.0, with a lot of them graduating to the Success Slabs. The Charity Booster Programme was launched with the aim to encourage charities to try out crowdfunding and benefit from its many merits. And with more than 150 partners incorporating the crowdfunding technique into their fundraising activities, we can safely say that our purpose has been met with good success.

Going further, we shall be introducing more such fundraising events and programmes for our partner charities and hope that our efforts shall lead to further empowerment of the non-profits.

Happy Fundraising!

Another Week, Another Set of Milestones: Here’s an Overview of Week 06 of LFC 19

Our partner charities have raised INR 86,53,835 through 2565 supporters in Week 06 of the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’ 19. The figures are climbing higher as we inch closer to the end, and we cannot be happier about th progression!

Team Everest has ruled the roost in the sixth week with INR 28.7 lakhs raised in the matter the seven days. They also grew in terms of supporters as 940 new donors came forward in their support. 

We launched Week of Wonder 2.0 in Week 06 which further escalated fundraising for our charities. The good news is that this opportunity is to stay in till March 31stand NGOs can win rewards upto Rs. 50,000 each day. 

We have also seen some new entries into the Challenge in the form of charities such as Navnirman Trust and Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer. Graduation from Charity Booster Programme to the Success Slabs was observed for Catalysts for Social Action, Mantra Social Services, and Centre for Wildlife Studies. We are feeling quite confident that Change with One Foundation, Bridges of Sports Foundation, and Navjyoti Foundation will also be making it to the Slabs in the ongoing week.

While NGOs are religiously putting in a lot of effort towards having a successful fundraising season, they wouldn’t have gotten so far without the enthusiasm of their supportive campaigners. Mousmi Deshmukh’s campaign for Deesha Education Foundation has brought in INR 14.2 lakhs for them, while Inqui-lab Foundation’s campaign for Mantra Social Services added INR 9.65 lakhs to their kitty. Wilma Correa’s campaign for Catalysts for Social Action has also performed remarkably, bringing in INR 8.14 lakhs for the charity.

With just a few days remaining in the event culmination, we hope that the charities make the best of this promising chance to end this financial year on a high note. Kindly feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries, we shall be happy to take them. 

Happy Fundraising!

LFC 19: Glimpses of the Building Momentum in Week 05

Week 05 of the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’19 has witnessed some impressive climb in the figures with the non-profits raising INR 1.11 Crore in the period through 2690 supporters. At LetzChange, we are always striving towards giving our charities a great fundraising experience and seeing our non-profits derive such good gains from the Challenge brings us immense joy.

This week was also the Week of Wonders at LetzChange, offering a lot of additional rewards to the NGOs. Each of the seven days presented the charities with an opportunity to be the best performing charity, and we saw some serious contention for the same. Team Everest won the title on two different days, while Deesha Education Foundation was the crown-bearer for another two. Susheel Foundation and Catalysts for Social Action were the other two NGOs who left us quite astounded with their performances.

The Charity Booster Programme 2.0 as well, has received quite good a reception in Week 05 with Centre for Wildlife Studies, Catalysts for Social Action, and Mantra Social Services graduating to the success slabs.

We congratulate all participating and leading charities on the roaring results and hope that the ongoing Week O6 is even more fruitful.

Happy Fundraising!

Developments of the Week 03 of LetzChange Fundraising Challenge 2019

Week 03 has brought in awesome results for the 155 NGOs taking an active interest in LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’ 19.  Our partner NGOs raised a cumulative of Rupees 40, 87,377 with the help of 1979 supporters this week, and we couldn’t be happier for all their successes!

At LetzChange, we are constantly working towards making fundraising through online crowdfunding an enriching experience for our partner charities, and it brings us immense happiness to watch them grow day by day at such unbeatable paces.

Team Everest is painting one such story of remarkable progress with them raising Rupees 21, 01, 338 in the third week itself. By the end of Week 03, they had already raised Rupees 30,80,221 with the help of 2081 supporters, and we’re sure that the figures will have climbed even higher as you read this.

Other NGOs which have performed really well during Week 03 through some very successful fundraising campaigns are Deesha Education Foundation, Pudumai Penn Foundation, and Mantra Social Services. We have also witnessed quite a few applause-worthy performances by the NGOs fundraising under the Charity Booster Programme, and we congratulate all such non-profits for the same.

Going forward, we wish all the very best to all charities for the remaining weeks of India’s biggest fundraising festival.

May the number of lives you touch keep growing always.

Happy Fundraising!





LFC 19: Tracking the Extravagant Progress in the Second Week

The crescendo is building with every passing hour of the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’19, with 100+ charities already having joined the extravaganza that this event is. Raising a cumulative of INR 77 Lakhs+ in the first two weeks with the help of 2500+ supporters, our partner non-profits are on course to ending their financial year on a triumphant high. With such huge an amount being raised in just two weeks; we can only imagine how far this year’s Challenge is going to take our charities.

We wish to applaud Team Everest for their consistently brilliant performance all through the second week of the Challenge. They are now the leading NGO of the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’19, with INR 9,78,883 raised through the help of 535 unique supporters. They are also the Highest Gainers of the Week with the donation amount for them being appended by INR 5,80,022 during the second week itself.

We also added a contest called High Five to kindle a spirit of competition amongst the participating NGOs during week two. The response that this contest received was quite overwhelming, with a lot of NGOs competing for the associated rewards. Team Everest and Deesha Education Foundation emerged as the winners of this contest, adding respectable amounts in donations to their kitty.

The second week has also been a week of graduations from Charity Booster Programme to the Success Slabs. As many as 5 different charities crossed the CBP threshold during the week, and are now competing neck to neck with other charities standing in the same Success Slab as themselves. It is a great spectacle for our team to watch so many non-profits new to the crowdfunding scene approach the Challenge with such dexterity, using our peer-to-peer fundraising tools to the fullest.

LetzChange expresses extreme delight at the fact that our partner charities are harnessing greatly the opportunities LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’19 has brought to them. The motive has always been to make online fundraising easier for our partners and to help them widen their circle of supporters and stakeholders. Watching the 2019 edition of our annual Challenge gather momentum so progressively, we can safely say that our primary purpose is being successfully met with.

Going forward, we promise a lot many exciting contests and rewards during this fundraising festival and hope that participating in the Challenge helps in adding value to the various charity organisations.

Happy Fundraising!


LetzChange Fundraising Challenge 19: Glimpses on the Triumphant First Week

One week into the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’19, our partner charities are soaring high on enthusiasm and positive energy that this annual fundraising festival always brings in. The much-awaited event made its debut on February 11th and has already led to the participating non-profits raising a cumulative amount of more than INR 40 Lakhs.

The Charity Booster Programme, introduced to familiarise non-profits with the concept of crowdfunding, has taken off on quite a positive note. As many as three different charities have already graduated from the programme, and are now aiming for higher rewards under the various Success Slabs.

With as many as 20 active campaigns, Team Everest holds the title of the charity with the most number of active campaigns in the first week, whereas, Vidya Poshak is leading in the Success Slabs (for supporters) with as many as 202 supporters. Speaking of the amount raised, Parivaar Education Society is ahead of the rest with INR 5,07,862 already in its kitty in the first 7 days.

Cumulatively, a total of 1164 supporters have joined hands with us in the first week, and this number is bound to grow manifolds as we move forward into the Challenge.

With the motive to accelerate fundraising for the participating non-profits, LetzChange also brought in a contest called ‘Fantastic First’ during the inception week. Making full use of this opportunity, Vidya Poshak won a reward of INR 10,000 by becoming the quickest charity to touch INR 1 Lakh while Shikshan And Samaj Kalyan Kendra was the fastest organisation to bring the first 100 supporters.

As we move ahead, we congratulate all the charities who have successfully begun their journeys in the first week of this coveted festival. We sincerely hope that the upcoming weeks of the LFC ’19 bring in exciting results for all our wonderful partners.

Happy Fundraising!


LetzChange Merges with GiveIndia to Boost Crowdfunding for Charities

100 deserving underprivileged kids will go to college this year, thanks to 1845 supporters from across the globe, who donated more than Rs. 69 lakhs in total to provide them scholarships. This was made possible by a campaign, “I Am The Change”, that was run by Team Everest, a Chennai based charity, using LetzChange’s crowdfunding platform.

Over 300 such nonprofits use LetzChange’s platform today to fundraise for various causes from their supporters worldwide. LetzChange Foundation was set up in 2014 by Vikrant Bhargava, a philanthropist and an alumnus of IIT and IIM. LetzChange has since launched many innovative products like peer-to-peer fundraising tools, event-based online fundraisers, a charity booster program and is helping non-profits across the country successfully embrace online fundraising.

GiveIndia, India’s largest and most trustworthy giving platform, today announced that LetzChange is merging with it, to accelerate their shared vision of a strong giving culture in India. In its 18-year journey, GiveIndia has already facilitated donations of over Rs. 330 crores from more than 10 lakh donors through payroll-giving, online giving, and subscription giving, to 200+ GiveAssured nonprofits on its platform.

Commenting on the merger, Vikrant said, “Both LetzChange and GiveIndia have a very strong mission alignment, and our offerings are very complementary. Joining forces with GiveIndia will allow us to serve both donors and nonprofits with even better products in their efforts towards uplifting the poor.”

GiveIndia also shared its plans to invest over Rs. 15 crores on the combined platform, primarily focused on online subscription-based giving and scaling crowdfunding offerings. Atul Satija, CEO of GiveIndia, added, “Our mission is to promote effective and efficient giving. Together with the passionate and committed team of LetzChange and a great platform loved by non-profits, we are looking forward to serving the charities even better, and help them change the world a little faster.”

Online giving is still in its infancy but it’s growing fast. There is a lot of work required to make it easier and a more gratifying experience for donors. This merger and the commitment to invest further seems like a much-needed step in the right direction.

LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18: All is Great that Ends Grand

The LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18, after giving us some great weeks full of excitement and happy anticipation, has finally arrived at its glorious end. The 2018 edition of this challenge, stretching itself over a period of about 50 days between 10th February, 2018 and 30th March, 2018, has been quite an enriching experience for charities both new and old to the crowdfunding space. We are happy in the fact that we could be of help to our partner non-profits in closing their financial year on a high note, with their cumulative donations on our platform reaching the roof-shattering amount of 4 Crore rupees! Together with the participating non-profits, we have broken our own previous records. We express our gratitude to all the participating charities for the tremendous efforts which they have put in into making the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18 the explosive success it has been.

LetzChange, being a tech-for-good organization, has always focused on elevating the ease of operation for non-profits by providing them with technological assistance in the form of our easy-to-use fundraising tools. Our fundraising tools are tailored around the concepts of crowdfunding and networking, so that the charities can easily garner donations through effective networking using their existing donor base. The conventional methods of fundraising, though promising in some ways, have been very limiting. The non-profits in our country have forever struggled with the task of increasing their outreach, and the traditional offline ways of collecting donations over snail mail has not proven to be a piece of cake either. With the advent of so many innovative technological advancements in this field, the non-profits of today are slowly steering themselves towards the new ways of fundraising and the benefits of getting rid of the age-old inhibitions against technology are countless.

Here is where our social fundraising tools come into play. Using our peer-to-peer fundraising tool, the people who are willing to help, but aren’t financially in a position to make hefty donations, can show their support by inviting people from their social circle to donate or come stand in support of a social cause. This approach, in addition to helping NGOs meet their financial requirements, also helps them in expanding their supporter base.

One of the primary objectives behind the conception of LetzChange Fundraising Challenge has been to familiarize charities with the many perks of online fundraising and crowdfunding. In order to iron out the beginners’ apprehensions for the charities newly venturing into the online giving space, we came up with the Charity Booster Programme, introduced as a subset to the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18. The charities covered under this programme were provided with personalized assistance at every step of the challenge, with dedicated relationship managers answering their queries, helping them strategize better for their fundraising pitches, and also providing them with marketing material customized as per their requirements. And to keep the charities invested in the task of escalating from offline to online mode of fundraising, LetzChange provided them with the opportunity to win rewards in order to encourage them to perform better.

Among the charities which are already conversant with the concept of crowdfunding, and have been participating actively in all the previous editions of the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge, we saw some really fierce competition for the Mega Rewards. The charities contested each other in a healthy light as we watched their every move with excitement. The last few days of the Challenge, especially, were filled with a lot of excitement, with the participating non-profits leaving no stones unturned to emerge out as the winners of the challenge. The Challenge culminated with Bhagini Nivedita Gramin Vigyan Niketan winning the Mega Reward, which meant that they won a flat 50 percent matching grant on the total amount in donations. Stood second the non-profit Team Everest, which walked away with a 30 percent grant on the total amount in donations procured during the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18.

We hereby extend our heartiest congratulations to the winning non-profits, and also to those charities who finished just inches away from the coveted Mega Rewards, but were very much successful in expanding their supporter’s base during the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18; which was our underlying motive. And as we progress forward on our path embedded with many more new endeavors and challenges, we wish our partnering charities all the very best. LetzChange aspires to be of help to you in your deep labour of enriching the lives of those in need, and we promise to making the task of fundraising easier for you by taking technology in our stride. Happy Fundraising!

LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18: Halfway through this Prolific Journey

LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18 is proving to be a massive success with the participating NGOs approaching it with the celebratory enthusiasm one reserves for the festivals. And a festival it is: a celebration of the spirit of giving, of people coming in support of those in need and of the social causes they strongly care about. The LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’18 was originally conceived to help NGOs close the financial year on a high, and with every new edition of the challenge it is evolving into a more fulfilling experience for the non-profits, helping them grow their network along with winning exciting rewards and garnering a lot of support in the form of donations.

LetzChange has provided all NGOs with dedicated relationship managers who are assisting them during the challenge, providing them with all the necessary information and encouraging them to fire all cylinders to win the coveted mega rewards. Also, to keep their level of motivation high, the participating NGOs are being rewarded matching grants on the unique donations coming in on their campaigns. The NGOs too are reciprocating by being actively involved in the challenge, effectively employing our peer-to-peer fundraising tools to weave an ever-expanding web of supporters.

Our primary aim during LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18 is to help NGOs augment their donor base through networking; echoing the underlying philosophy of LetzChange, which is of “simple, social giving”. Yes, the donations flowing in are elemental for the charities to smoothly carry on with their operations, but we strongly believe that with a network of loyal supporters which stays with them even after the challenge ends, the NGOs will find it easier to further their task of improving the quality of life of the underprivileged. The benefits that the NGOs shall reap during this fundraising festival stand in direct proportion to the number of campaigns they create on our portal. The larger the number of campaigns created, the more expansive will be the network of their supporters.

We have already come midway into the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18, and are immensely pleased with the form it has assumed so far. Till date, a total of 2,344 different supporters have pitched in to raise a cumulative sum of Rs. 57,71,785 through 383 peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns on our platform. We thank the participating NGOs for their kind cooperation, and for the faith they have shown in LetzChange throughout their journey with us.  Also, to the NGOs who are yet to jump on the bandwagon, we urge you to grace us with your participation in the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’18 and benefit from its ever-growing list of perks; for there is still some time left before the challenge culminates. Happy fundraising to you all!

Internship Programme: How LetzChange is Nurturing Young Talent

LetzChange proudly announces a three-month internship programme for willing and deserving candidates who are in search of a sturdy foundation to start building their careers upon. LetzChange is hosting this programme with the aim of nurturing young talent and shaping them into confident individuals who prove to be valuable assets to any organization they work for, in the future.

This year, the interns shall be helping us with the operative communications during the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge 2018. They will be closely working with our core teams, consequently learning how to communicate effectively as well as learning to build and maintain relations with people within and without an organization. They will be directly interacting with our partnering non-profits; providing them with all the necessary information and guidance, and keeping them well-briefed with the ongoing proceedings of Fundraising Challenge ’18. This internship, along with being helpful for people looking forward to working in the corporate sector, is also a great educative opportunity for the individuals who care about bringing some repair to the social fiber of our society, and are planning to settle in the development sector in the future. It will verse them well with the ground realities of this area of work and condition them with the abilities elemental for handling managerial responsibilities in any budding or established NGO.

Our former interns have largely benefitted from being a part of our team and have scaled great heights in their respective careers. Conversely, their enthusiastic approach towards the tasks deployed to them have brought about positive results for our organization as well. And, in a scenario where the interns have proven to be great resources, we have never shied away from retaining them, endowing them with important positions within the organization. One of our former interns, Pranav Varma, impressed us with his dedication and effectiveness as a Partnerships Intern and we couldn’t let him go. He now works as our Partnership Associate and is an indispensable part of the Marketing and Communications team. He dexterously manages our relations with our partnering charities and is the primary face of the organization for the stakeholders of the sector.

A message for all potential opinion makers in our nation’s ever-expanding social sector- If you feel that you are someone who has an undying interest in the world of societal development, an opportunity to work with our team would offer you with an inside view on the whereabouts of the sector, along with deep insights into the challenges faced by committed Indian charitable organisations.

For queries or inquiries on such opportunities, reach out to us at careers@giveindia.org